I'm passionate about writing low maintenance software.

To achieve this software must be simple, opinionated, and often written as a library, not a framework. While it seems easier to write a framework with extension points it is, in the long run, more useful to build powerful tools.

Applying these principles to Django apps means that often it isn't very useful to supply views and URLconf modules, but instead supply forms and helpers that make writing your own views more straightforward.

Glue code is often different between projects anyway, and in my opinion views are just that: Glue code.

I'm interested in understanding all aspects of code running in production systems, from the kernel to the user interface, and while I'm certainly not an expert in all areas I have some experience in the area of data structure and backend code design.

I like working with Python 3, Django, PostgreSQL, redis, webpack, React, and while the complexity of some of those systems seem to contradict the previous paragraph I think the communities, conventions and generally also the code quality are more than sufficient reasons to still use those packages for my day-to-day work.

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