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The future of FeinCMS

A recent exchange in an issue in the elephantblog repository on Github asking whether the project was still alive and my own work on feincms3 made me think about the need to clarify my position on the future of FeinCMS 1.x.

In the issue I wrote that it (meaning elephantblog) is mostly in maintenance mode and not actively developed anymore, and I also pointed people towards feincms3 for new projects.

There are a lot of things FeinCMS 1.x got right and there are things that could be better or I could have handled better.

FeinCMS is used in a few flagship projects which we’re still actively developing, which means that FeinCMS won’t be going away for years to come. That being said, for new CMS projects I’m more likely to use django-content-editor and feincms3. This series of blog posts offers an appreciation for my most successful open source project and hopefully also offers insights into my plans and the reasoning behind them.

Here’s a link to all posts in the feincms category if you want to follow along.