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Using Bliss with webpack

I really like bliss. It makes writing JavaScript much more fun, and JavaScript awesomely lightweight.

Also, I learnt a lot while reading the code and the documentation.

However, since Bliss wants to inject itself into the global namespace and isn’t designed to be consumed as a NPM module I had some trouble finding a good way to use it with webpack. I finally found a good way to combine the two; short instructions follow:

Install the newest and best version of bliss:

yarn add https://github.com/LeaVerou/bliss/

Import Bliss near the top into your main JavaScript file (the file which is your webpack entrypoint). Since we’re using a source checkout, there is no combined bliss.js file. Let’s import the two parts of bliss.js directly instead:

import 'blissfuljs/bliss.shy.js'
import 'blissfuljs/bliss._.js'

(I’m fine with Bliss taking the window.$ and window.$$ (resp. s/window/self/) variables, and with Bliss being available outside the webpack build.)

In all files where you want to use write blissful JavaScript, add the following line so that ESLint does not complain:

const {$, $$} = window  // eslint-disable-line

The eslint-disable-line avoids unused variable warnings. I wouldn’t recommend disabling ESLint (or other code linters) too much, but in this case, it’s fine.

Also, you should check out the CSS Secrets by Lea Verou book if you do not know it already.