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Weeknotes (2021 week 11)


Django’s built-in django.contrib.redirects app has a hard dependency on django.contrib.sites. I’m a big fan of NOT hardcoding the current site into the database or into settings except where absolutely necessary. Because of this I extracted the parts I liked into a standalone package with a questionable and needlessly derogatory name a few years ago. The old package is still around (no need to break setups) but the package has been renamed to django-simple-redirects, cleaned up for current versions of Python and Django and also been uploaded to PyPI.

CKEditor instances in Django’s admin interface without IFRAMEs

Currently incubating in feincms3. I have a strong dislike for scrollables inside scrollables, the proposed interface is much better.

Of course I’m still thinking about reimplementing the whole editing interface using ProseMirror, but oh well… maybe another time, when I do not have any projects for months to come.