Hi, I'm Matthias

I am a founding partner of Feinheit AG and Die Bruchpiloten AG. Find me on GitHub, Mastodon, LinkedIn or by email.


Weeknotes (2021 week 12)

Not much open source work this week. The final thesis and presentation for the CAS in Interaction Design was due. I learned a lot but for now I’m just glad that it’s over. I’m looking forward to relearning how to do “nothing” on weekends.

FeinCMS 1.20

Some FeinCMS 1.x ItemEditor element attributes clashed with new IDs introduced in Django 3.1. The new version of FeinCMS fixes this.


Fixed a few problems in the new inline CKEditor widget for the Django admin. An oversight made it impossible to add CKEditor instances with different configurations. Luckily enough this only affected beta/preview releases :-)