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Weeknotes (2023 week 15)

Romansh translations for feincms3-cookiecontrol and django-fineforms

The feincms3 cookie control banner and django-fineforms have received a small update: Support for the Romansh language. I would be surprised if any readers of this blog even knew about this language at all. Switzerland has four official languages: German, French, Italian and the mentioned Romansh.

It’s not a coincidence of course that those two packages have received an update at the same time. Both packages are used for an upcoming campaign site where people may express their support for political action to preserve or protect the biodiversity. It’s at the same time laughable and horrifying that this is even a thing though: Who in their right mind could NOT agree that preserving biodiversity is important? It’s incomprehensible. Maybe I’m just a romantic Gutmensch after all…


I have set up the stale GitHub action for the django-ckeditor repository. So many support requests, so little time and almost no actual collaborators. Also, many support requests actually concern CKEditor itself, not its Django integration. I shouldn’t complain though, CKEditor has served me well and still does, especially when it’s being used with a very minimal configuration which basically makes most pain points of HTML editors go away.


I have reviewed and merged a few changes to django-debug-toolbar in the last week. Still a fun project, especially since it’s so widely used and loved.


Blogging with vim is fun.