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Weeknotes (2023 week 17)


Another year achieved. Feels the same as last year. I’m glad.


I have released feincms3-cookiecontrol 1.3. Mostly cleanups since 1.2, but also a new translation (already announced here). The script size has been reduced from 4519 bytes to 4228 bytes (-6.5%) while keeping all features intact. The reduction is totally meaningless but it was fun to do.


I have been digging into the oEmbed spec a bit. I didn’t even know that a central list of providers exists. Noembed still works great to embed many different types of content but I worry more and more about its maintenance state. Reimplementing the interesting parts shouldn’t be that hard, but maybe I don’t have to do this myself. oEmbedPy looks nice, I hope I get a chance to play around with it.