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Weeknotes (2023 week 42)

Vacation in Italy

We have spent a wonderful family week in Italy. The voyage by train was very comfortable and we had a great time there. I have lived close to lakes all my life but the sea is always something else. Now I enjoy the cold temperatures of fall.

Going back (forward) to GitJournal

I have tried several note taking apps but I’m now back using GitJournal with a Git repository filled with Markdown notes. It works well enough. I just wish that there was a way to make notes more distinguishable and I wish that the editor was more forgiving when encountering badly formatted checklists.

Analog blogging

I have long wanted to write about our switch from Slack to Discord. I have started to write this post with pen and paper. I find that I think better when using pen and paper than when using the computer keyboard. One factor is certainly that the computer offers more distractions, but I suspect that another, more important factor is that as a fast typist the fingers and the thinking are always getting out of step, and this happens less when using a slower method of writing. This actually isn’t an idea I had myself, but I don’t remember where I got it from.

Zero-based versioning: Good or bad?

I discovered ZeroVer sometime in the last few days. I have many many Django packages with zero-based versions. Some of them have been used in production for years now. I sometimes wonder if staying with 0. is unprofessional and I should just release 1.0 and be done with it or if it doesn’t really matter at all.

If I evaluate software packages more often than not I don’t look at the version number or the version numbering scheme (except when a package is still using 0.0.) when deciding whether to rely on it or not. The documentation and the code itself are much more important to me.


I haven’t uploaded any releases in the last 14 days. That’s good: I’m one of those people who have made their passion their job (which is great) but that sometimes makes it hard to not work at all since I can always tell myself that I’m not working, that it’s just a hobby.