Hi, I'm Matthias

I am a founding partner of Feinheit AG and Die Bruchpiloten AG. Find me on GitHub, Mastodon, LinkedIn or by email.


Weeknotes (2023 week 50)


The path building scheme used by django-imagefield has proven problematic: It’s too likely that processed images will have the same path.

I have changed the strategy used for generating paths to use more data from the source; it’s now possible (and recommended!) to set IMAGEFIELD_BIN_DEPTH to a value greater than 1; 2 or 3 should be sufficient. The default value is 1 which corresponds to the old default so that the change won’t be backwards incompatible. However, you’ll always get a deprecation warning if you don’t set a bigger value yourself. The default will probably change in the future.

Advent of Code

I have always felt a bit as an imposter because I do not have any formal CS education; not so much in the last few years but certainly earlier in my career. I have enjoyed participating in the Advent of Code 2022 a lot and I have definitely learned to know when to use and how to use a few algorithms I didn’t even know before. I’m again working through the puzzles in my own pace and have managed to solve almost all of them up to today this year. There still are some puzzles where I don’t even know how to start the second part 😅.


We’re still hosting most sites on virtualized servers, without any containers or any of the new stuff. I’m finally reaching the point where the downsides of this approach start to drag new projects down and the workarounds start looking worse than maybe switching to containers or even Kubernetes. Wish me luck, I’m more confused than I’ve been in years.


To absolutely nobody’s surprise the family and myself have continued to be sick in the last two weeks. Nothing really bad happened, so we’re still lucky.

There’s unfortunately no way to solve a societal problem individually, so that will probably continue to be our life for now.